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“Heralded as one of the most important women’s books for a decade.  Every now and again, a woman’s book comes along that promises to change our thinking forever. Helen Gurley Brown, Germaine Greer, Marilyn French. Now it is the turn of Jill Shaw Ruddock to shake us all up and ask new questions about our lives. A guaranteed best seller”—Liz Hodgkinson The Lady

“There is nothing airy fairy about the woman proclaiming the ‘fourth wave of feminism’. Her energy and idealism make a formidable combination. If anyone can persuade others that old is to be celebrated it is Jill Shaw Ruddock.”–Cassandra Jardine, The Telegraph

“{Ruddock]… has just written a ground-breaking book called, The Second Half of Your Life. Hugely liberating, empowering and transforming.”–Joy Orpen Kanter, The Sunday Independent

“The script for those fruitful years between 50 and 96 needed to be written. My only criticism? That I hadn’t written it myself.” Four Stars, Christa D’Souza, Mail on Sunday

“Do we need a book like this? I think most of us probably do. I suspect far too many older women don’t make the most of their abilities and their time. This is the book that encourages you to get off your oestrogen-free backside and grab life with both hands.”Mrs Moneypenny, Financial Times
“The Ruddock dynamo has definitely set something in motion. I say to Ruddock, bring on the granny boomers.”—Stephanie Theobald, Style Magazine, The Sunday Times

“The Second Half of Your Life – part self help manual and part scientific treatise. She’s great on financial advice and inspiring on her unrelenting optimism on behalf of older women.”–Alison Roberts, The Evening Standard

“The most ­positive ­advice on ­menopausal life you’ll ever read” The Daily Mirror

“Inspirational.”–Victoria Lambert, Women and Home

“Good news for women. Jill Shaw Ruddock writes an upbeat menopause manual.”–The Jewish Chronicle

“Groundbreaking.  A book that show how a new generation of women are seizing the opportunity to find real fulfilment” High50

“A must have read for all women approaching 50.” Weekly Wrinkle

“Jill Shaw Ruddock has written a plan to inspire older women into making the second half of their lives happy and fulfilling” Rachel Porter, The Daily Express

“Fear not to grow old!  This book offers the sanest of advice:  it’s witty, wise and answers a host of questions about topics people don’t usually like to mention … such as sex and money.   Women can now move into their later years with confidence and take pleasure in the second half of their lives” Baroness Joan Bakewell, Journalist, Television and Radio Presenter

This book will make you want to run straight into the arms of menopause, embrace it and get to the best years of your life- no longer a slave to your hormones.  Free at last. Free at last.”  Ruby Wax, Comedienne and Executive Coach

“This book proves that, for a woman, turning 50 does not mean she passes her “amuse-by” date.”

Kathy Lette, Humorist and Novelist

“A great travel guide to the next stage of the journey. A terrific read!” Baroness Helena Kennedy, Barrister and Human Rights Activist

‘This is most useful, constructive and comforting book. The Second Half of Your Life is the

book women need.’  Susan Hampshire, Actress

“Finally, a book that teaches women to embrace the post-menopausal years with open arms. Jill Shaw Ruddock’s upbeat manual is an insightful guide for women over 50 to help them achieve fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. Ruddock’s book provides practical rules and recommendations to make the second half of a woman’s life, the best half!” Liz Campbell, Director, Wellbeing of Women

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